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Willow Weaving 2 days October 2021

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Willow workshop student making her first basket_

Caroline Forbes

Willow weaving 2 days October 2021


Katayoun is a marvellous teacher - inspiring confidence and enthusiasm. A real artist using a variety of media.


I spent a very happy 2 days with her in the studio where we worked with several varieties of willow and experimented together on a couple of baskets and a garden structure.

The many questions I had were answered with great patience and clarity.


The session started with Katayoun showing me how to sharpen the secateurs  we would use - an invaluable lesson.

She is a very logical thinker and can understand the construction and deconstruction of any structure and explains the various methods and rules of weaving with willow therefore enabling (ones own) imagination to flourish.


I am grateful for the encouragement she gave and the example she set.

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi / 

Photo credit previous page Caroline Forbes

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