• Professional support for, and collaborations with, other artists.

  • Mentoring for emerging artists.

  • Portfolio reviews.

  • Introductory workshops in historic 19th and 20th century photographic processes with and without a camera:

    • Cyanotype Printing 

    • Carbon Photography

    • Cliché Verre - hand-drawn negatives (traditionally on glass)

    • Wet Collodian Plate Photography, positive prints on glass (Ambrotypes) or on tin (Tintypes) and negatives.

  • Silver Gelatine film and print processing tutorials in a darkroom.

  • Support and tutorials in large scale print processing by hand.

  • Pin hole photography and camera obscura workshops.

  • A range of environmental nature based workshops:

    • Introductory workshops in creative weaving with natural materials.

    • Introductory workshops in green woodworking.

    • Creative team building days in a woodland setting.

    • Learn to make fire, drawing charcoal sticks and charcloth.

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