1 Day Workshop 

Drawing is a fundamental process that we intrinsically do as children. That experience never truly leaves us, it simply takes a back seat until a spark of interest, later in life, drives us to learn more or hone our skills.

This workshop is suitable to both beginners and those with more experience. You would be encouraged to work with a range of materials to suit you and your subject. These could be pastel, watercolour, inks, charcoal, oil bars and graphite or a combination of these materials. You could also use assemblage by adding alternative materials to your work to build up the surface. Experimentation would certainly be encouraged. My intention would be to support you to further your appreciation for drawing, to develop your observational skills, release your imagination and to augment your drawing skills.

Depending on the interest of the participants and the weather, we will either work outdoors or in the studio.


£85 for one day, which includes materials. Numbers of participants are limited to 4. Individual tuition is £110 for one day. Dates on request.

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