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Tailored Workshops for families, individuals and organisations supporting vulnerable children and young people. The project also provides bespoke alternative provision for children outside of main stream education.

These workshops take place at Wrongs Covert Woodland Project CIC in Lenwade, Norfolk.


Participants will have the opportunity to observe, in the magical working environment of this hazel coppice, the importance of trees to our health and well being and how wood can be sustainably harvested using ancient coppicing techniques that have been recognised as being hugely beneficial to wildlife and our environment.


We will also cover the importance of fire in a survival situation and learn to prepare tinder and kindling correctly in order to start a fire. We are surrounded by natural resource such as trees, plants and fungi, we simply need to learn to recognise what these are and how best to prepare them in wet and dry conditions. You will also use a whittling knife as part of these preparations. You will learn to use a fire steel to light your tinder and to sustain your fire long enough to make a cup of tea.


The production of large scale charcoal making will be demonstrated to you and you will contribute to its build and firing, whilst also creating your small scale fires for burning charcoal sticks. Though health and safety will have to be adhered to, the learning process will be fun and relaxed.


To make your charcoal sticks you will cut your own willow for drawing and cloth to make charcloth, which makes an excellent fire starter. There are a number of different approaches to creating a successful fire stack and we will explore these together. This will be a great survival skill to have. 

There is an outdoor kitchen and a working charcoal burner on site. We will have the benefit of knowledge and experience about this working woodland from Kathy, who owns the wood.

It is widely recognised that working in a natural setting has immense benefits to our health and well being. Coppicing and charcoal burning is an ancient skill and there are a number of small woodland owners or workers today who use sustainable practices to manage these resources, which in turn encourages biodiversity of fauna and flora.

At Wrongs we have a number of specialist facilitators who we can call on to run a variety of workshops. Please follow this link for further information.


Wrongs Covert Woodland Restoration Project. 25 acre woodland near Lenwade, Norfolk. 


Please enquire by email or ring for a quotation for a bespoke workshop to suit your requirements.



By arrangement to suit.

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