Fran May

Three Colour Carbon Transfer Printing 2020


I thoroughly enjoyed my Carbon Transfer Printing workshop with Katayoun Dowlatshahi in rural Norfolk. I found Katayoun hugely knowledgeable and she extended my learning in so many additional ways. The workshop was professionally run and well organised, with plenty of useful handouts to take away.


Katayoun took me step by step through the process verbally before we created a print from one of my images. Some of this process is very technical and could have been disconcerting, but Katayoun has a calm manner and an organised system, which explains the most difficult aspects and reduces the sense of complexity.


Carbon Transfer is one of the more challenging of photographic historical processes, but if it is the longevity of the images you want, it is essential to have this process in your repertoire. I was amazed and impressed by the quality of our outcome. The precision paid off and is repeatable. Katayoun’s system does not rely on guesswork, but on a professional planned approach where creativity is in the original image. 


One of the best things about a workshop with Katayoun is her high level of creative thinking in a general sense, so conversation during essential drying times in the process was inspirational.


In addition, I was able to stay in her B&B with ensuite, on the premises, which was extremely comfortable. Meals were provided during my workshop, all at a very reasonable price. I award five out of five stars for my five-day workshop. It provided the exact groundwork I needed to begin printing with this process myself.


Fran May

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Fran May at Silverwood Art Studio and DarkroomJPEG