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Jonathan Taala Carbon workshop 3

Jonathan B Taala / USA

Colour Carbon Transfer Printing 2024


"Working with Katayoun is a real pleasure. I’ve made a few color carbon prints on my own before attending the workshop so I had some practice with the process. Katayoun met me where I was at and tailored the workshop to benefit me.


Katayoun is an exceptional teacher and artist. I’m a kinesthetic learner and learn best by physically working through a process while asking questions. We covered a lot of mechanical techniques and creative applications within the process which was very exciting. The support Katayoun provides is unwavering. Come with lots of questions, because she has an answer for almost everything. 


I recall asking how she chose the exposure time for flashing a particular layer and she replied “I made it up and it works!”. I loved that energy! A lot of times workshops like these can be intimidating with lots of unnecessary technical information but Katayoun cultivates a fun and accessible learning environment. To quote photographer Alec Soth, “It’s not about technical perfection, it’s about finding your voice.”


A big perk of this workshop is that she offers optional housing and meals which takes the stress off of planning and is very affordable. Three delicious home cooked meals were provided daily for the duration of the workshop. The room I stayed in was very cozy and I was able to get quality rest every evening. You’re also greeted every morning by her two adorable cats! Staying with Katayoun also allowed us to work late and accomplish more as her studio is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the house.


Highly recommend this workshop!"

Photograph by Katayoun Dowlatshahi

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George Charman / Great Britain

6 day B&W and Colour Carbon Printing 2024


Over a 6-day intensive course I was introduced by Katayoun to the wonders of colour and black & white carbon pigment printing. I was first made aware of the process through the recent Madame Yvonne’s exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which Katayoun reproduced several of Yvonne’s prints for, working with Yvonne’s original negatives. I was enthralled by the depth and intensity of colour that Yvonne’s images held and was keen to learn more about the process by which they had been produced.


Katayoun’s 6-day course offered an in-depth introduction through practice to every stage of the process, from preparing digital images, processing papers for printing, mixing inks, exposing negative, image transfer and image re-touching. All this was supported by her wealth of theoretical and practice-based knowledge and her experience as an educator. There was a lot to learn but at all stages I felt supported by Katayoun to ask questions, review processes and explore new ways of thinking. Although the schedule was packed with activity, Katayoun made time for experimentation, as we tested new approaches to black and white transfer onto satin and organza. By the end of the week, I had produced several images that I was very pleased and left very excited about the potential of how this new process would contribute to my wider arts practice.


I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone interested  in learning more about this process.


George Charman

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

George Charman Carbon workshop_edited.jpg
Carbon Workshop with Santiago Barrio, touching up

Santiago Barrio / China

Three Colour and Black & White Carbon Transfer Printing 2023


During the last week I have been lucky enough to spend a few days with Katayoun in her studio to learn the carbon printing process. I have seen how she prepared the materials, how she mixed chemical products, how she did mathematical calculations, how she mixed pigments and how finally, after a lot of work, she printed beautiful images treated with the same care with which she treated her  environment, (which is also ours)  and also I noticed how she paid attention to some things, maybe new to her, but in fact they were not so much.

A few days have passed now, and I write these words trying to put in order what I have learned, the carbon printing process does not resemble any other photographic chemical process, and its results are simply unmatched.  it is not a linear work, but transversal, interwoven and with loops in time. It may be a reasonable process, but like any artistic process, it does not arise from reason.


Excellent teacher and artist! Totally recommendable experience.

Santiago Barrio

Santiago Barrio 山地 :: Behance

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Robert Harris / Great Britain

Black & White Carbon Transfer Printing 2023


I attended a course on carbon printing at Silverwood studios.  The course was based on creating a black-and-white carbon image.


The course went through each stage from creating the digital negative using my original image.  The process of setting up the digital negative was fully explained using Photoshop and Excel.  The resulting images were used in the carbon printing process.  Using an image I had used for standard inkjet printing was good.


Each stage was explained from creating the tissue, creating a wedge for exposure, transferring the image to temporary and permanent media and finishing.  At no stage did any of my questions go unanswered.  The information pack and the experience of creating the image provided a good background for completing the image in my own darkroom.


I did make a few mistakes but never felt intimidated; the environment felt supportive and when I made a mistake I was allowed to correct it.  Personally I always learn more by working through the process and finding out what I do know.  Katayoun was always there if I needed and I found her teaching style very supportive.  I always felt comfortable asking the same question again, which was good when I wanted to check my learning.


I also enjoyed talking to a fellow creative that was interested in my own work; sharing your journey with a fellow photographer was priceless and has helped me develop my personal work.


The hospitality was second to none, great room, great food and great company.

Robert Harris

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Carbon workshop making tissues.jpeg

Maria Fernanda Pallares / Uruguay

Black & White Carbon Transfer Printing 2022


Carbon printing (also, "Carbon transfer") is a photography printing process that at the time served as a springboard for photogravure to achieve its beauty. They are like first cousins ​​who can serve as a reference to each other. I am very grateful to Katayoun Dowlatshahi

@katayounpd at for taking the time to provide me with a carbon transfer workshop, for her generosity and her readiness in bringing content closer to my interests. It has been especially interesting for me to see how an artist with vast experience and immersed in multiple languages, works with such a technique. Although the workshop was dedicated to black and white printing, it was a precious opportunity to see something definitely very unlikely to find: a contemporary use of that technique in color. If you review her Instagram account, you will have an approach to those colour prints, whose work with various pigments requires more than a marathon. The image shows the making of gelatine papers, known as "tissue", a supply that both techniques share.

Image: Photograph credit by Katayoun Dowlatshahi

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Fran May / Great Britain

Three Colour Carbon Transfer Printing 2020


I thoroughly enjoyed my Carbon Transfer Printing workshop with Katayoun Dowlatshahi in rural Norfolk. I found Katayoun hugely knowledgeable and she extended my learning in so many additional ways. The workshop was professionally run and well organised, with plenty of useful handouts to take away.


Katayoun took me step by step through the process verbally before we created a print from one of my images. Some of this process is very technical and could have been disconcerting, but Katayoun has a calm manner and an organised system, which explains the most difficult aspects and reduces the sense of complexity.


Carbon Transfer is one of the more challenging of photographic historical processes, but if it is the longevity of the images you want, it is essential to have this process in your repertoire. I was amazed and impressed by the quality of our outcome. The precision paid off and is repeatable. Katayoun’s system does not rely on guesswork, but on a professional planned approach where creativity is in the original image. 


One of the best things about a workshop with Katayoun is her high level of creative thinking in a general sense, so conversation during essential drying times in the process was inspirational.


In addition, I was able to stay in her B&B with ensuite, on the premises, which was extremely comfortable. Meals were provided during my workshop, all at a very reasonable price. I award five out of five stars for my five-day workshop. It provided the exact groundwork I needed to begin printing with this process myself.


Fran May

Image: Photo credit Katayoun Dowlatshahi

Fran May at Silverwood Art Studio and DarkroomJPEG
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